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Our Plans or Yours

Blue Gum Builders can work with plans drawn up by your own architect or building designer, or we can help you both design and build your own unique, bespoke home or extension from scratch.

We have built homes and extensions designed by many of the leading architects and building designers based in Southern Tasmania – such as Greg Eade, Matt Williams, Michael Shrapnel, Nigel Jones, Roland Smeekes and Uta Green.  All of whom we can’t praise enough.

However, there are some distinct benefits to having Blue Gum both design and build your home or extension.


An integrated approach

As we can act as both the designer and builder, you will benefit from a streamlined, coordinated approach to the whole process of building. With the designer, builder and client working together in a consultative manner, we guarantee that we will design and build a house that suits your needs, budget and time line.


Use all the available expertise

Normally, your builder won’t become involved until the drawings are finished. At this point, the builder’s expertise, which could have identified cost savings, is worth very little. At Blue Gum, your builder can be involved from the very start. Our experience is that the early involvement of the builder leads to fewer design revisions, a better build and a more cost effective one.


No more cost blow outs

Did you know that architects are not trained to estimate building costs?  Most builders, who are so trained, find it hard to accurately price custom built homes due to a lack of experience with such projects.  This can result in last minute budgetary blow outs – and/or costly redesigns.  We, on the other hand, price such projects on a regular basis.  We agree the budget very early on and, as the design develops, we are constantly costing the build.  This approach means that budget blow outs at the quoting stage simply cannot happen.


A helping hand

Building a home from scratch can be a huge step into the unknown – and an expensive one too. Normally, you have no guide to help you along that path. Your architect/designer will generally move on once your plans are finished. Let’s not even mention the bureaucratic maze that is planning. And, once you’re actually building, who will help you there? At Blue Gum, we offer a different experience. From concept drawings until completion, we will be there every step of the way with you.


Less stress

Building can be stressful involving emotion, time and financial resources – and the pressure of making so many important decisions. However, it should be an enjoyable experience and our job is to make it exactly that. Firstly, you will benefit from our joint design and building expertise. Secondly, we love what we do and that’s infectious. Thirdly, the team approach really does help spread the load.