Any home is a large investment so it makes sense to get the best from a design that suits your needs and minimises energy costs. This brand new four bedroom, solar passive home was designed to be a comfortable, functional, healthy and energy efficient home that would suit a growing family.

It features:

  • A solar passive design which during winter makes use of the sun’s free energy to heat the slab’s thermal mass. In the summer, the large eaves shade the interior creating a cooler environment.
  • The house is built on a waffle pod slab which is fully insulated with 40mm polystyrene insulation.  This maintains a steady temperature all year.
  • The windows are double glazed, uPVC tilt and turn units.  These windows, with the frames acting as a thermal break, are more efficient than triple glazed aluminium units.
  • The home is heavily insulated throughout. For example, the building features R6.3 in the ceilings.
  • To make the most of free energy, there is an evacuated tube hot water system.
  • The cool room is ducted to pull cool air from the exterior to the insulated interior.
  • There are two large water tanks to harvest rainfall.

All in all, this intelligent passive design keeps the home warm and cosy in winter, and cool and comfortable in summer, with little or no use of heating or cooling appliances.