Attached to an existing house built into a steep block of land, this two storey extension features two bedrooms with ensuites downstairs, and, extending directly from the living area above, a large deck provides a private outdoor space which is sheltered from prevailing winds, whilst being open to the sun and the views.

The clients engaged Blue Gum to build this extension to better suit the need of their growing family – particularly their two boys who were demanding separate bedrooms! They wanted a larger entrance hall with plenty of storage for muddy boots and coats. That entry hall leads to both the stairs to the downstairs bedrooms and to the enlarged living areas and the deck.

The additions have taken into account the style of the existing house and upgraded it through the use of black block walls, the exposed aggregate deck with its glass balustrade and the large timber double glazed windows.

As a result, this once cute but constricted cottage has been transformed into an airy, functional family home with a much stronger external presentation.